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PATCH NOTES - 2021-04-10

- Infusing items is now done via the Item Specialist;
- Market fee went from 20% fee on top of the buyer price to 10% fee for the seller;
- Staff member colors are now shown on the map as well (above characters);
- Item Requirements now Only based on Level and not Stats;
- Item Rarity Color Border of Equipped Items now updates after equipping a different Item;
- Standard World Map HotKey changed from "W" to a more intuitive key "M";
- Backlink added to Account Settings;
- Gained Achievement Chest is now sent to your personal mail instead of direct loot;
- Health and stats balancing for enemies;
- Life Regeneration has nerfed to 0.1 HP per point per 10 seconds. Meaning: 100 HealthRegen heals 1 HP per second.
- First Quest is now auto accepted;
- Various resource and skill images have been added;
- Various resource descriptions have been added;
- Various missing resources have been added;
- Automatically add new Learned Skill to Active Skills;
- Crafting recipes have been simplified for a more convenient gameplay;
- Bosses are now unaffected by knockback, pull and stun;
- Various new quests are added;
- New and updated referral system (check Account Settings for your personal referral link);
- New welcome speech for Jeweler, Leatherworker and Tailor;
- Map Descriptions have been added on the world map;
- Browser Push Notifications for various events;
- Sounds have been added for Inventory Actions;
- Chat Position drag behind menu bug has been fixed;
- Buy Extra Slots in inventory and stash;
- Various Battlefield images have been added;
- Auto loot function;
- Improved Magic Find System. Magic Find now applies to: Looting Mobs, All Gathering activities, All Crafting activities;
- Player Titles can be unlocked by completing achievements;
- More Free Black Market in-game item drops;
- Craft jewels with random attributes (which can be imbued into socketed items);
- Items can now be imbued with jewels (at Item Specialist);
- Conglomerates that hold precious and various resources can now be found in mining and quarrying;
- New: Magical Item Attribute Reroll Dice (reroll item's attributes at the Item Specialist);
- New Hunting Crafting Recipes;
- New maps and places to explore have been added;
- When in inventory, deleting an item does not leave the inventory and also shows a blank delete message, does not refresh;
- Teleportation Bug when owning more than one ring has been fixed;
- Bug in Enemy Prefixes has been fixed;
- Private messaging bug in chat has been fixed;
- After closing chat popup now reopens in-game chat;
- Auto Fight no longer skips loot screen;
- Jeweling pouch bug fixed (Spelling error in one of the resources);
- Bug with poison has been fixed;
- Inventory: Deleting a resource directly after swapping visually deleted the wrong slot;
- No more infinite loop when entering Dungeon Boss Battle;
- CounterStrike and DoubleStrike where still triggerable when skill on Cooldown.
- Ghost slot bug fixed (Now also deletes Inventory Slot after linking jewel)

14 Apr 2021

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