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Approaching official release!

Hold on tight! We are approaching the official release! We are working hard on remaking some maps, adding more crafting recipes and writing some more quests.

- New Enemy Sprites
- Some Reworked Maps
- A more intense and immersive tutorial
- New Maps
- New Quests
- New Sound effects
- Improved Battle and Loot screen

20 Jan 2021

Game contents:

Open World
Explore a vast and expansive ancient world.
One Big Sandbox
All items are Player made.
Raid Dungeons, Slay creatures and explore mines.
Open Market
Discover the ancient past, grand amounts of lore with extensive a questing system.
Explore a vast and expansive world.
This is your world. For all Ages / play-styles and player types.
Open World
Explore a vast and expansive world.
Play on any device; Mobile, Tablet and PC.
No Dowloads
No downloads needed, Come try it out!
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