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NEW update: Weekly Discord Raffle!

What can I win?
- A Big Bag of Tokens with various sorts of tokens from every rarity including Magic, Rare, Epic, Mystical, Ascended, Legendary, Relic and Achievement Tokens!

How does it work?
- Play the game and save for tickets.
- Every 5 minutes is worth 1 ticket.
- The winner will be announced Every Week on Saturday.
- If you win you will directly get your price into the mail.

What do I need to do?
- Be member of our Discord.
- Make sure you added your Discord Name into the game under Settings > Account.

What counts as online time?
- Moving, Fighting, Gathering, Crafting.

Enjoy, Good Luck and may the spirits be with you!

02 Jun 2021

Game contents:

Open World
Explore a vast and expansive ancient world.

One Big Sandbox
All items are Player made.

Raid Dungeons, Slay creatures and explore mines.

Open Market
Discover the ancient past, grand amounts of lore with extensive a questing system.


Play on any device; Mobile, Tablet and PC.

No Downloads
No downloads needed, Come try it out!
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