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Some Various Fixes

- Steel Treasures are now openable.
- 4 Missing Skill images (fixed);
- Aura was not shown in Combat (fixed);
- Global Buff reward now shown in the Rewards Overview;
- Option to select to stay anonymous, the game wont show your name/notification after donating;
- Better and more logical sorting of crafting recipes;
- Added some missing resource images;
- Bonus Exp for Legends on Gathering was not showing (Visual Bug);
- Back Button Glitch Fixed (on Mobile) (requires Cache Refresh);
- For Mages: Transferred some Power per level to Toughness and Intellect;
- Cloth gear all have +X Maximum Life;
- Mage's Bolt Skills Cooldowns reduced from 2 to 1 turn;
- Opening Strongboxes Keep older Loot;
- General: Chitin resource images added;
- Zealot: Bright Strike and Shadow Strike Cooldown reduced from 3 to 1 turn;
- Trade Merchant wont overwrite older loot. You can now trade multiple times before taking the loot;
- After Resetting Skills, the Skill Points get also reset to 0 (was a visual glitch);

08 Sep 2021


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