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PATCH NOTES - 2021-10-28

Profession update:
- Leatherworker: Extra resource progression for extra experience gain (Hunter equivalent);
- Cook: Added Combat Buffs to consumable foods that require Unique resources (Mixed category);
- Cook: Added Regen Buffs to consumable foods (Meat and Fish category);
- Alchemist: Added Recipes: Fish Oils (used for potion crafting);
- Alchemist: Added Buffs Potions (Buffs category);

Gathering Spots added:
- Quarry (Lvl 20);
- Mine (Lvl 20);

- Improved Socket Reroll Formula: Besides the higher the Rarity gives more chance of rolling sockets in the first place it now also increase the chance of getting a higher amount of Sockets;
- At a very rare occasion, some strongboxes failed to drop a random weapon (fixed);
- Item Drop range set to Mob level to Mob level minus 5; E.g.: Mob killed is level 15 so it can drop items between level 10 to 15 (Capped by the current Game Drop Cap which is level 20);
- To help players not having to guess what attributes are increased for a given Prefix I added labels which show all increased attributes. For the elements they even have their own colour. Easier to pick your fights.

28 Oct 2021


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